10 Ways To Make Money Online In Ghana

When you think about making money online, your mind probably goes to those attractive banners seen on numerous websites, often quoting international media houses like MSNBC, some times CNN and the like.

A lot of people usually fall for such, and attempt to sit at home and make thousands of dollar$ per month, by doing nothing, unfortunately.

These days, the Internet is such an open platform, to a very large extent, no one controls what gets posted there, as long as someone can afford a certain amount of money per year, then they’ll be able to buy a domain and trick thousands of people.

However, internet marketing is by far the best way to make money online, it is the largest market in the whole wide world where millions of people visits daily to search for information and definitely buy something, so, you can definitely make money legitimately online.

Find out how below:

  • Launch a curated email newsletter and find sponsors or use a subscription model where people pay a fee to receive your newsletter.
  •  Create your own YouTube channel and become a YouTube partner to monetize your videos.
  • Make something creative – like handbags, jewelry, paintings, craft items – and sell them online.
  •  Offer one-on-one help to anyone worldwide over live video using Google Helpouts. You can do live cooking classes, teach maths or even offer fitness and nutrition tips.
  • Educators and teachers can help students with homework or offer on-demand teaching class over the Internet by applying to become an online tutor.
  • Sell the stuff you no longer use – like old books, children’s toys, gadgets, DVDs, furniture, etc. – on classified sites like Tonaton, OLX, Kaymu.
  •  Online freelance writing, video editing and so on is another way on sites like Freelancer
  •  Affiliate marketing- You can earn money by advertising other people’s work on your platform.
  •  Selling information- you can sell your ebooks e.t.c on stores like Amazon to earn money.

Though the online business is risky, it is worth it,

There have been many successful bloggers who own mansions, A renowned Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji is said to be making up to $30,000 for one advert placed on her blog. You can start blogging for free by using WordPress or Blogger. It doesn’t only have to be about news and what’s going on but anything It’s as easy drag and drop.

Most people usually ask, how do you make money from a website/blog, it’s simply advertising, for instance I charge a small amount for music promotion on my music blog and I charge some good amounts for local ads,


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