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Yawa Video Of The Day: 5 top Ghana Pastors approached to ‘help’ a gay guy ended up sleeping with him

A 21-year-old man who gives his name as Nana has told a heart wrenching story of his life as a gay in Ghana.

According to him, he started his gay journey since he was eleven years old and was introduced to the act by a cousin who was residing in Accra.

Nana says although he tried on several occasions to stop at an early stage, he could not fight the addiction which continued until he completed Senior High School.

Although he made some money to which helped him see himself through Senior High School, Nana wants to quit but it has been a difficult journey.

He told SVTV that even Pastors who he contacted for help also coax him into sleeping with him.

“I contacted some Pastors with my problem. I told them I see no good in been gay and that I want to stop. Some will tell you to come and stay at their Church premises so that they pray with you. But when I do, they sleep with me too. In mylife, I’ve slept with five Pastors but now I want to stop, I need help, I really need help,” he told SVTV.