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Shocking Video: As Bulgarian singer wears blackface to perform Nomcebo Jerusalema [Watch]

Nomcebo Zikode has been trending on social media after Bulgarian singer Mxiaela Marinova used makeup and prosthetics to look like the Jerusalema singer during her performance.

Now, we get that the song is a massive hit around the globe, and people danced to it in a form of a viral challenge. We saw people around the globe embracing the message and language to which it was performed in, but adopting her skin colour? Now that was a bit ludicrous.

Just to educate the Tweeps who are downplaying the usage of blackface by the performer, here’s a brief explanation; Blackface is a form of “art” that non-black people use when trying to portray a black person.

According to CNN, any skin tone you wear that is not really yours is racist.

On social media, some people are left puzzled by the outrage over the viral clip which was originally taken from TikTok.

However way many might view it, the usage of blackface is racist and many are up in arms over this.

Source: oseikromnew.com