Benny The Butcher has proclaimed that he’ll be voting for Donald Trump, prompting more than a bit of backlash from his devoted fanbase.

On Saturday (August 12), the Buffalo, NY native took to Twitter to make his voting preference be known, which didn’t exactly please his fans.

His proclamation was quite simple: “I’m votin Trump 2024.”

Check it out below:


The backlash against the Butcher was swift, with many commenters pointing out that Trump’s policies weren’t exactly friendly to Black men and women.

“The bigot comin’, n-gga,” wrote one commenter, alluding to Benny’s famous catchphrase and mixtape series, The Butcher Coming.

Others, however, supported Benny The Butcher’s dedication to Trump, but cautioned that he may be up against some tough political forces for his proclamation. “Did you consult with Jay and the Democratic Party before posting this?,” wrote another commenter, referring to JAY-Z.

Some commenters just wanted the “Johnny P’s Caddy” rapper to shut up and rap. “Just drop the album we dont wanna hear this,” a third person wrote.




None of the commenters, however, realized that Benny The Butcher’s comment may be much ado about nothing. According to the ACLU, many states do not allow convicted felons to vote, and the Griselda Records rapper admitted to getting convicted of three felonies when he was younger.

So depending on which state he calls home, his vote may not count towards a potential Trump election.

But this isn’t the first time he’s has had issues with his felony convictions. Back in 2022, he revealed that his scheduled shows in the U.K. had been canceled over a then-recent felony conviction he’d just picked up.

“UK shows canceled based on ‘old FBI reports’ and a new felony charge I just caught last week tht y’all won’t find out about until my documentary,” he said at the time.

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During a March 2021 interview with HipHopDX, he talked about leaving his drug dealing past behind to focus on his rap career.

“I got into it being from a neighborhood that was blanketed with it,” he said. “The whole history of the neighborhood was about drug dealing. It was a drug dealing block and I was a born on that block. When my mom birthed me, I was brought home from the hospital on that block. So the hustlers outside was doing what they was doing.”

He continued: “As I grew up, those dudes was my friends, those dudes turned into my brothers, so I did what they did. It’s just the path I chose at the time. I got three felonies. I’ve been back and forth, in and out of prison.”