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Check these 17 masculine character traits that women found irresistible in men.

Almost every guy’s desire is to figure out how to be alluring to women, but not everyone can indulge in this vision. Of course, we understand you don’t have plunging necklines or a slender physique to display, but you do have some characteristics that can drive the opposite sex insane.

1. Thoughtful, as evidenced by a sacrifice of time and attention.

2. Funny and humour.

3. Romantic.

4. Self-assured.

5. Humble person.

6. Positive facial expression.

7. Someone who is fashionable and well-appeared.

8. Well-prepared and willing to invest in himself.

9. A fatherly figure.

10. Someone who shows off his skills.

11. Motivated and dedicated to achieving success.

12. A person who is enthusiastic about something.

13. Reliable and honest.

14. Intuitive with a desire to improve oneself.

15. An excellent listener who maintains eye contact, pays attention, and responds.

16. Someone who is kind to others.

17. Someone who is a lot of fun.