Concept: iPhone is Totally Circular


Previously also had the concept of circular phones, but it’s new and exciting. The format of the 2016 handset is pretty much set in stone and the game changing won’t come from a circular device. But that is very sympathetic.

This circular iPhone concept can may would work excellently as both a phone and something with a belt to use as a watch. The device is slim, has a metal body and seems to display apps in a cross pattern, rather than a floating cloud, like on the Apple Watch, which would work better on this format.

Sometimes this handset feels a bit like a badge to wear on your clothes or pin to a backpack.
The port and speakers at the “bottom” look interesting. But then again,were strange devices. People have been using banana shaped phones and hamburger shaped house phones indoors for years now. And apparently people consider Salvador Dali’s lobster phone art…



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