DIY Fashion Hacks: Part 1 – Punk Your T-Shirt


#1 New Shoes

Do you have an old pair of torn up heels laying around in your closet? Here’s an simple project to get more miles out of them: Use glue and glitter and freshen them up! If you don’t want glitter “overkill”, just apply onto the heels.

#2 Turn A T-Shirt Into A Dress

Take a baggy t-shirt and turn it into a cute strapless dress! If you don’t have one, consider raiding your boyfriend’s closet. To get a more conservative look, top it with a simple cardigan.

#3 Tie Dye Tights

A great way to liven up a simple black dress or skirt is to don with them tie dye tights. You can save some money by buying a tie dye kit and a bunch of cheap hosiery and never go without this unique look.

#4 Colored Shoe Sole

Colored soles really make a shoe pop. Clean them off with some alcohol and then paint with white nail polish as a base. Follow that up with another coat of your favorite color.

#5 Punk Your T-Shirt

Take a t-shirt and cut the sleeves off. Then use a piece of that fabric to tie around the back straps. Done!


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