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Don’t feel shy to do these in your relationship

I always have this question, in relation to why people feel shy in their relationships. They can’t be comfortable to express themselves well because of the fear of being lonely and abandoned. When it comes to being in a relationship with someone, your comfort and the zeal to be yourself must be your main concern. When these two are starting to default, there must be a question mark somewhere.

Let’s now have a look below, at some things you must not feel shy to do in your relationship.

-There must be an open communication:


You shouldn’t hide your concerns and worries. Don’t bottle them up and feel nervous about them. The more you both communicate and listen to each other, the more the relationship gets stronger. You can never know what your partner is thinking, so to avoid any misunderstanding, the best option out there is to communicate.

-Apologizing and being accountable for: 


Apologizing for your wrong doings can really take your relationship far. Being accountable means you take responsibility for the action you did, that hurt your partner. These two words are not the same. One can apologize but would not want to be held accountable for their wrong doings. They end up playing the blame game.

-Accepting that you can never change anyone unless they want to change themselves:


It is either you love your partner with their imperfections or not at all. Encouragement are surely welcomed in a relationship but going overboard to want to change the person is not acceptable. Never think of the idea of changing someone just to suit your preferences. You wouldn’t get all 100%. There must be some qualities that drew you closer to them, that you ignored the rest. says “putting yourself on a mission to change your spouse is highly disrespectful to them and to your relationship”.

Thank you for reading.