E-40 has given some props to NBA YoungBoy, musing that the Baton Rouge native is wise beyond his years.

In an interview with Billboard, which dropped on Friday (December 15), the multi-faceted entrepreneur reflected on his recent collaboration with the young up-and-comer on a song called “Get My Life Right.”

“He’s an old soul,” E-40 said to the outlet. “He’s been there before. That’s a deep, young man. I always liked him. Birdman hit me one day and was like, ‘Hey, YoungBoy wants you on one of his songs.’ He sent it to me, we connected, and I knocked out one for his album.”

Their latest collaboration will appear on E-40’s newest album, which will drop sometime in 2024.

While the Bay Area legend loved working with NBA YoungBoy, he certainly doesn’t feel that way about all new rappers and the overall state of Hip Hop today.

Earlier this month, E-40 sat down with CBS Morning’s Nate Burleson to discuss his illustrious career and contributions to Hip Hop culture.

When asked what he thinks about the current state of Hip Hop music, E-40 admitted he wasn’t excited about the direction the genre is heading.

“I don’t like where it’s at,” he told Burleson. “Because I feel like it’s not enough creativity. Everyone sounds the same. A lot of copycats.”

The Mount Westmore MC explained that he isn’t fond of the consistent negativity in young artists’ lyrics. He suggests that they focus on telling cautionary tales in their music rather than promoting crime and gang violence.

“I’m not tryna act like I’m hella positive,” E-40 explained. “But I am because I’m a storyteller. The things that sound like they ain’t positive, I talk about the repercussions and consequences if you do this. I’m a storyteller.”

As for NBA YoungBoy, he recently teased a sit-down interview with The Joe Budden Podcast after they squashed their beef.

Budden apologized to YoungBoy for calling his music “trash” during a recent episode of his eponymous podcast.

NBA YoungBoy Discusses The ‘Demonic’ Music Industry: ‘They’re Using Me As Entertainment’


After receiving criticism from the likes of Benzino and Birdman, the former Slaughterhouse rapper backtracked his scathing comments on Wednesday (December 6).

“I owe him an apology,” he said on his show. “He don’t even bother nobody. And the pod was over! The pod was over. I was in my notes! My notes is for my brain.

“That ain’t to put out there like that and if you’re gonna have the conversation, there’s a much better way to articulate what you’re tryna say and have the conversation. That’s just lazy to do that at the end of the pod.”

He continued: “You gotta be more responsible than that. That was totally wrong. Not cool. You wanna be the OG that is the bridge. They only snatch my shit when I’m kicking somebody’s backs in. I need to stop kicking peoples backs in. That’s what it says. So yeah, he didn’t need that.”

NBA YoungBoy has seemingly accepted the apology and hinted at making their truce official with a sit-down interview.

Posting a video of him horse-riding in the snow, the Baton Rouge native said: “Joe Budden, I love you, bruh. They don’t understand our plot twist. It was strictly finna do an interview after this. Tell ’em don’t take us too serious. Everything entertainment, man.”