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Ghana’s Richest Blogger Disclose 6 Authenticate Ways Ghanaians Can Make Money Online

Whether you have a goal to live the internet life or just need a side hustle to keep you going, the internet is currently the easiest and most reliable way to go.

We have a special feature for you today from a blogger and travel entrepreneur who has made millions from blogging and related businesses.

In 2017 Akese Moise Sanza was featured on Zion Felix TV Ghana’s Richest Blogger Disclose 6 Authenticate Ways Ghanaians Can Make Money Onlineas the richest blogger in Ghana for making over $120,000 which is 699,625 GHS As of Saturday, Jan 16 2020 in a single month

I recently posted that we should use our time online profitable so that we don’t only become targets foe advertisers but also gain something from the expensive internet data we buy.

So many people are in my DM asking for some of the things they can do online. It will take quite sometime for me to be able to respond to all the messages.

As I do my best to respond to these messages, this little piece can equally be of help.

For me in particular, I only know of Blogging and also trying to build an influencer brand around the travel niche. I’ll come up with some suggestions, but you will have to get on the internet and read widely on them.

I’m limiting this to stuff you can do immediately with little, or without any training.

1-) BLOGGING: If you can write, or strategically do copy&paste, then you can try your hands on blogging. This isn’t recommended for someone who wants to make money immediately. Since you are already spending on internet, you can just do for the fun until it starts paying. You can learn on the job and get everything you need to know online.

2-) INFLUENCER: if you have expertise in a particular field, you can easily build an influencer brand around it. Base on your field, you can either make money immediately or wait to longer to grow your social media presence. Make sure you have great command over your chosen field, else you will waste your time.

If you are an expert in something people struggle with, then it can start paying you immediately. Wholeheartedly give out free assistance online. With Ghanaians, they will still contact you to pay so that you do for them. If you are into travel and tourism, you won’t even be able to serve all your clients.

Don’t just be posting randomly. Limit your posts to a particular thing you want to be noted for. People in the field of LAW, EDUCATION, FASHION/HAIR, ENTERTAINMENT, RELIGION, POLITICS, WEIGHT LOSS, COUNSELLING, can allow cash out lol.

You can even be known for sports betting, lotto forecast and prayers.

3-) TALENT: if you have any creative talent that can be monetised, dont waste time. Start showing your friends how talented you are and as your audience grows, money will come. This may not pay immediately.

We are even lucky to be in a country where big butts are considered talents. If you have some, you can also make good use of them. Get on Instagram or tiktok and start building a following. Once you get enough followers, money will come.

4-) SELL ONLINE: DM for price lol. Whatever you sell, you can make good use of the internet to reach more people. I have personally purchased from couple of people who advertised products on their walls. Some of these sellers dont even have the items they post online.

They only post pics and only buy them from their dealers after someone places an order. So your only risk is putting the product online. Make your dealer aware this so that you can easily return items if the need arises. If you have money, you can also make good use of Facebook ads.

You can partner delivery bikes to deliver items to your customers.

5-) WRITING: if you write but not interested in running a blog, you can write for other blogs and get paid. A portal like OPERA HUB is readily available to publish your posts and pay you. Though the payments can be disappointing, it’s better than scrolling social media feeds until you get to the bottom.

For writing, there are so many ways you can make money as a freelancer. Get on Google and read more on it.

6-) CREATE GROUPS/PAGES: create groups or pages on social media. This may take sometime before it gets bigger. People pay money to page/group admins to post ads.

I’m tired. I’ll update this post later with more. If you know of any, you can leave them in the comment box.

Source: Akesse Sanza