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How The Current UDS Wa Campus SRC Is Calling For a Red Hot Demonstration From Students


The current situation at the UDS Wa campus between the SRC  and the student populace is said to be when the lion for wants of votes can drink and bath with the zebra from and in the same river but after zebra votes and the lion wins the election zebra become the first meal of the lion.

The representative council(SRC) of the University for development studies Wa campus on the early hours of Monday 27th August 2018 released a statement on its whats app platform about a new SRC dues to be paid despite an approved fee from parliament of Ghana which the dues was  included.

However the office of the local Nugs has tagged the statement as disclaimer and has no hands in it,with their reasons being they were left out in the debate of bringing such an amount as payment of SRC dues.

The statement signed by the public relations officer of the current administration Mr Kwame Antwi Boasiako Tony explained the amount due payment for all student at various levels

Sources and evidence shows that ,the SRC has agreed on the dues from parliament earlier and that no student should pay any extra money .This has therefore brought up many question from students pointing fingers at Mr Duodu and his administration.

Not long ago,previous administrations has been accused of same conduct and students are prepared to let their voices be heard if this continue.

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