How To Make Money From Online Survey Filling


Survey is basically an advertisement or some type of Questionnaire form in which a person are rewarded some money are some specific bonus ,there are different types of surveys available online, some of them are directly available for the user while in some surveys a person need to search lot of website and companies for its completing.

There are lot of websites available which offers payments for fillings an online surveys,so it’s not a difficult job, in fact it is very good online job and user can makes a lot of money, they just have to register on the real paying website, once you have registered they will asked you to wait until you are legible for suitable surveys.

But the problem is that there are lot of websites which are scams and don’t paying money to users but rather the user spent lot of their time with it and as the user reached the minimum payout limit either their account is suspended or either their withdraw option show Pending status and not a single penny in the user PayPal account.

How To Fill Survey Easily

As we discussed survey is either in Questionnaire form or either in advertisement form both of them are very easily completed. In Questionnaire form you have to fill all the form in which some detail are needed from you thus enter all your complete detail in it and submit them, you may need to visit some external website for filling this type of survey.

In Advertisement form survey either you have to view Sponsor ads from your PC or you have to create some links and promote them on internet as the visitor watch them you will reward some amount of money, this is very special method and with the help of this method you make hundreds of dollars per day,you will have just promote your link which is offered to you by your sponsor.

Top Best Survey Sites For Making Money

1) Sharecash

Sharecash is the very best website for survey fillings but in this website you will have to upload your specific file,which is not copy righted (you may visit website for further detail) create your file link and then you will need to create videos of your file, shares on your Facebook, twitter timelines as the visitor click on your link he/she will be redirected to new page and up to 5 tasks are open in their browser as he/she complete one of the offer in it and download you file for that link you will be rewarded 1$ to 20$ per download.

2) ZoomPanel

ZoomPenal is another best website for online survey fillings, in this website you have to fill the survey by yourself, the website will send you different collections of surveys in each week which is on latest book, about different kinds of movies, daily using equipment’s etc.that a user can also makes huge amount of money from this site.

3) Mysurvey

Mysurvey is another best website and users will make huge amount of money from it, the best thing this website is that it payout limit is just on $4 and will pay its user to PayPal.

4) OnePoll

Onepoll website is slightly different from the other survey website, its surveys are very enjoyable and is about fun, different types of fun Questions like asking your love life you will need to login daily and work on daily bases as much you work you will get pay more.

5) Newvistalive

Newvistalive pay very high to its users, pays about $0.77 to $1 per survey but his payout ratio is very high i-e on $76, so due to this a starter some times takes much times for making $76.


Always focus on legal method during survey completing,because now a days there are lot of fake software’s available in markets, for survey completing but these software’s didn’t work correctly, they just scam money from you, therefore survey completion is little difficult work, but very best method for making money.


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