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I Am Single, I Need A Guy To Start My Life With And I Will Pay You $30,000 A Week

I am called Victoria Motosa. I was born on the 21st of April 1991.So i will turn 30 years this year April. I was born in Mexico but i have lived most of my life in Atlanta, America.

I have realized that i am of age to marry. I can boldly say that I have never dated before in my life. My father is very rich as well as my mother.

So to me mother is not a problem to me. Before i choose you as my future husband i will need these things from you.

1.I need a man with big cucumber who can satisfy me everyday. I will pay you $30,000 a week.

2.I need a man who can cook and wash as well.

3.I need a man who can take care of our children when we give birth.

4.I need a man who can take good care of my father’s companies when he dies.

5.I need a man who can show me love, care and sympathy always.

So these are my preferences I need from any man who will like to marry me.