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‘I Was Attacked; I Had To Install 10 Cameras In My House. I Couldn’t Sleep At Night’: Afia Pokuaa

The popularly known Ghanaian broadcast journalist has recently sparked a massive stir, debates, and arguments across all social media platforms after she took the opportunity to reveal another sad ordeal again.

Speaking in a recent interview on JoyNews’ “Newsfile” show with host, Samson Lardi Ayenini on the topic of limited press freedom under the administration of the Akufo Addo government, Afia Pokuaa revealed that, she was attacked on countless occasions during the 2020 presidential elections and even though reported the case, nothing was done by the police and cyber securities in Ghana.

In addition to this, Afia Pokua later added that she would resign from Despite Media before the 2024 general elections due to security reasons since she wasn’t ready to lose her life or otherwise.

“Why should I risk my job next time to cover the next election; that is why I have said that I am not going to cover the 2024 elections. I will not be in the industry by 2024 because of the fear of attacks and there is nobody to support me. Where was the GJA when I was attacked during the 2020 elections? I had to install 10 cameras in my house but still, I wasn’t sleeping so I sleep during the day and monitor the cameras throughout the night”, Afia Pokuaa emphatically revealed.

Do you think that Afia Pokuaa and other female journalists are been treated fairly under the administration of the incumbent government even though most individuals claimed otherwise?

Do you think that Afia Pokuaa should resign from Despite Media due to the continual attack on her life as media personnel and journalist even though most individuals claim otherwise?

What are your thoughts on the unexpected sad ordeal of Afia Pokuaa that has caused massive stir even though most individuals claimed otherwise?

Let’s know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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