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Just In: Parliament Finally Passes the Most Controversial E-Levy Today

                                                E LEVY DETAILS

Electronic tax, popularly known as E-levy, remains the most talked about and controversial tax in Ghana ever since the Minister of Parliament, Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta, included it in the government’s budget for 2022.


After this controversial tax was brought to parliament for its passage, several issues emerged with majority of Ghanaians including the Minority in Parliament (NDC) strongly opposing its passage.

The NDC, for instance, has labelled the e-levy “Regressive tax” and thus, vowed to ensure its never passed in Parliament under their watch. The majority (NPP), on the other hand, has labeled it the “life saving tax” where the successes and development of the country has been linked to its passage.

According to the Finance Minister, the passage of the e-levy would help rake in over 7 billion dollars which could be enough to create employment, build social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, among others.

Despite the country boasting of abundant natural resources, the NPP government believes that passing this e-levy would be a game changer for them; thus, carrying out several town hall meetings to convince Ghanaians to embrace this tax.

Despite several agitations against its passage, the majority in Parliament has today, 29th March, 2022, voted in favor of the e-levy after the minority stages a walk-out. To ensure its passage, it was alleged that the NPPs brought one of their bed ridden MP to Parliament today in order to obtain the majority votes.

This breaking news will surely destabilize the economy for a while since several demonstrations are expected from sections of Ghanaians who have vowed earlier to never allow this tax to come to fruition.

We, therefore, wait to see the reactions of Ghanaians are the most controversial tax has finally been passed in Parliament and is expected to be implemented as soon as possible since the government has already loss some of its budgeted revenues arising from the delays.


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