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Machine Gun Kelly – mainstream sellout (life in pink deluxe)

Artists: Machine Gun Kelly
Album: mainstream sellout (life in pink deluxe)
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 256kbps
Genre: Alternative
Year: 2022


  1. 9 lives [Download]
  2. more than life [Download]
  3. why are you here [Download]
  4. last november [Download]
  5. born with horns [Download]
  6. god save me [Download]
  7. maybe [Download]
  8. drug dealer (feat. Lil Wayne) [Download]
  9. wall of fame (interlude) [Download]
  10. mainstream sellout [Download]
  11. make up sex [Download]
  12. emo girl [Download]
  13. 5150 [Download]
  14. papercuts (album edit) [Download]
  15. WW4 [Download]
  16. ay! [Download]
  17. fake love dont last [Download]
  18. die in california [Download]
  19. sid nancy [Download]
  20. twin flame [Download]
  21. papercuts (live from red rocks) [Download]
  22. maybe (acoustic version) [Download]

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