Man’O Writes: The Art Of Love, Relationship And Disappointments

Man’O Writes: The Art Of Love, Relationship And Disappointments. Few days ago I made a post on my page asking my audience what they think I should blog about next. Most of them said I should about love and so love I will be blogging about love then.

I am pretty aware of how complex the topic love is because nobody has been able to really get what love truly means. I’ve been able to decipher a lot when it comes to love but yet still I began to wonder ,what can I talk about that’s not being talk about before?, I became a little stuck as to what I should really write about, then there came in the idea.

Vector illustration of a man and woman hand holding each part of heart symbol

I will write about the one thing that’s messed me up so badly when it comes to relationships, maybe this way somebody that has the same problem as I do will relate and I know it’s ruined not just me but many people . So without further or do let’s get into it

Expectations, yes expectations, it’s messed me up in so many ways , I will start by making a reference to what I said in my first article, we blame people for sucking the life out of us when we are the ones that gave them the straw ,we gave them the straw expecting that they don’t drain our life force out of us through the straw, we expected them not to do anything that will damage us as when we gave them the straw , so you see it’s never what the person did to us that harm us it’s our expectations ,that’s what hurt us .

Let me quote my own words follow your expectations and you will end up in a room full of disappointment, what were my expectations? Well I only expected to be treated fairly since i treated them fairly , I once had girl who was extra nice to me till When I went full force on doing unimaginable things for her and when I did that I expected the same or maybe an energy similar to what I did in return but I didn’t get what I wanted in return, I mostly did all the work or lifting in the relationship she did nothing she kept taking but gave nothing and what she did wasn’t right but life would have been much better for me if I hadn’t expected too much.

Expectations makes people feel entitled like people owe it to you to do good because you did them good and that’s not how it works because no one is obligated to return you the same energy you give in and so I realised that all my relationships I went into could have gone well but there’s a big maybe and I think it could have gone well if only I hadn’t expected that things are supposed to go the way I want them to go.

Many people in relationships today got high expectations and high expectations comes from a lot of sources. One of them is when you consider the fact that most people In relationships expect a lot like too much because they’ve seen or heard other couple doing almost unimaginable things for themselves and so they begin to vent for the same experiences.

My expectations were the reasons why I was disappointed I was expecting somebody toxic to stay genuine when toxicity is the only language they know. There is a lot that I would want to say when it comes to the topic “Expectations” but I think I have said enough and believe me if we limit or decrease our expectations or even if we are able to reach the level of expecting nothing much, life will be much peaceful and free of disappointment.

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