Top 5 Best PTC Websites For Making Money


PTC means Pay to click, PTC is an online business in which two types of peoples are involved one is publisher and other is advertiser, publisher can makes money just by viewing advertisements of advertiser, and advertiser can advertise his/her business on that website and pay some small/ big amount of money, every PTC websites have there own terms of policies,like some of them offer small sign up commission to new registered member,or they may pay some commission to member from there referral clicks.

Nowadays PTC business is very best way of making money for starter online business, one can makes lot of money just by viewing advertisements, lot of profit comes to member from referral account registration or sells, but now a days about 90% of PTC websites are scam in internet word they just set up there website for two or three months, scam people moneys of people and then website become block so due to this publisher as well as advertiser Loss lot of money, so for this today i am going to show you most trusted and money paying websites to you.

Top 5 Best PTC Websites


Neobux is considered king of PTC websites,it was lunched in Portugal in 2008 and from that time its paying money to its members From neobux website a user can makes money from three ways

  • Advertisements viewing and Referral 
  • Mini jobs Doing 
  • Neo coins 

But the best method in Neobux is referral and mini jobs because from this methods you can withdraw your money to your Online banks accounts but Neo coins cannot converted into money it is just used for referral recycling and referral buying, Neobux has three types of membership one is Golden, other is Diamond and the last one is ultimate every one have there own benefits and price so you may join Neobux for making online money and is best site for advertisers too.


Probux is next after neobux and is considered prince of PTC websites, Probux his paying since 2007 to its members and is very old PTC websites Like Neobux probux has also offer three ways for money making which are advertisements viewing and referral, Mini jobs Doing, Neo coins Probux has the same money options like Neobux and offer types of membership one is Golden, other is Diamond and the last one is ultimate,you may join probux website just by clicking Below banner.


Like Neobux and Probux Clixsense is also very old and Trusted PTC website for making money it pay 1-2 cents per 30 seconds advertisement viewing the big difference between clixsense and other PTC websites is that’ it support only direct referral, i-e user can makes money just from direct referral commission Direct referral are just human beings which will works through your referral link and you will get commission from them , the minimum withdraw in clixsense is $2.

4.Ojooo.Com is also a very best and trusted PTC website, as a member you will makes up to $100 per month very easily just by viewing advertisements, every day about thousands of members are registered in it, like neobux and probux its offer 4 types of memberships i-e Standard, Premium, Premium+, VIP every one has different prices , and specific bonuses are pays to ojooo members which are paid after every 14 days, so it is also best website for making money, must join it just by clicking banner below the post.


Nerdbux is next legend PTC website for online making money and its paying to its members through PayPal/Payza, as a member you can makes up to $0.02 per click and $0.01 per referral click, from nerdbux one can makes money from Direct as well as Rented referral and its have different types of member ships Like Standard, golden, Diamond. every one has there own benefits and clicks rates so must join Nerdbux because it is best PTC website for making money.

If you are Starter in online Business word then PTC websites is like Gold for you because from these websites you will learn lot of best tips methods and tricks which are very helpful for you in online business, and the other best thing in PTC websites is that you will not suffer in loss like in other Methods .Forex trading, Etc..


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