Travis Scott and John McEnroe’s squabble, as many suspected, was most likely a bit of fun as the duo have now posted a picture together on social media.

On Wednesday (December 13), the Houston rapper shared a black-and-white photograph with the tennis legend on Instagram. The shot features him shouting at the athlete, who seems distressed — a continuation of what has now become a running gag about the two having beef.

In the caption, the “90210” hitmaker wrote: “U know how we rocking !! What u thought was gon happen? PS…..”

Check it out below:

Earlier this week, the “SICKO MODE” rapper shared an Instagram video of him of him using orange spray paint to deface a plaque honoring McEnroe. This stemmed from a viral video from early December in which the two were on a Zoom meeting with Nike executives.

In it, the titans could be heard discussing a shoe collaboration as the retired sportsman’s “Mac Attack” sneakers were reissued earlier this year, for which they even did an ad together.

In the clip, the Grand Slam champion voiced his disapproval of Scott’s suggestion to name the Scott-branded Mac Attacks “Cactus Jack,” instead demanding that the product be named “Cactus Mac.”

“God damn it, Travis,” he could be heard saying. “Let’s have a little bit of compromise.”

When La Flame explained that “Cactus Mac was never a thing” and that it sounds like a McDonald’s burger, the 64-year-old also refused to budge and took the feedback as a slap in the face, exclaiming: “Come on, man! Show some respect! This is my shoe!”

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The plaque vandalism appeared to be in response to McEnroe’s actions following the Zoom incident, wherein the tennis legend was caught on video with a defaced pair of Mac Attack kicks, with the word “Mac” written over Scott’s’ Cactus Jack logo on the heel of the shoe. McEnroe was also wearing a T-shirt which had “Cactus Mac” written on it in the style of Scott’s Cactus Jack logo.

In the video, McEnroe addresses Scott directly, saying: “I was wearing these things in the ’80s before this guy was born. Now, all of a sudden Travis Scott’s got this thing, Cactus Jack, so I just made it Cactus Mac.”

It now looks like the entire spat was a promotional stunt.

The mid-top version of the Mac Attack dropped on June 23 with a retail price of $120, and featured its OG colorway of light silver and black across the signature Nike silhouette.