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[Video] I’m ‘Fighting’ Fameye For Justice; Not For Fame – Ogidi Brown

Musician cum artiste manager, Ogidi Brown says he will cease to rain curses on musician Fameye should the latter settle his debt to him.

According to Ogidi Brown, ex-manager of Fameye, his former protégé has incurred his wrath because he has refused to honor his part of a deal they had, making him very embittered.

Calling a spade a spade, Ogidi Brown narrated why he invoked curses on Fameye and also called on the Antoa god to intervene in their case.

He stressed that he is only seeking justice for himself and that they can bury the hatchet only when Fameye pays up 50000 dollars or part that he owes for weaning himself of his record label.

During an interview on Peace FM’s ”Entertainment Review”, Ogidi Brown said; ”I’m just fighting for justice because it is painful. Even if I have millions, rain still falls into the sea. It’s very painful that we’re all constructing a building and we put in all our efforts and wisdom, and after making the building very beautiful, you decide to eject yourself. And you also rent it out but don’t give me my portion of the money.”