What Are Relationships In The Ghanaian Universities Like?

What Are Relationships In The Ghanaian Universities Like? Welcome to Ghanaian campuses where little girls are practising ‘wifely functions. Just visit a boy’s hostel and you will be marvelled at the sight of a lady comfortably living with him. It is now common for a girl to hear her “lover” throw some compliments across to her. Who is her lover then?

A level 300 student with a GPA of 1.36 and they are aiming for the next best couple award so the girl has to leave with him to achieve that, can you imagine? Now, here comes another reason why the girl needs to behave like a wife. “Babe” as it is the anthem of the youngsters, “I will go and see your parents immediately we are done with school so I can marry you”.

This is a girl who began the semester with a very good GPA and as the years go by, her GPA starts to drop. As if that is not enough, the lady gets intimate with the guy which really defines the term ‘wifely functions.

Surprising right? As much as we would like to deny this reality, it is exactly what is going on and not even behind closed doors. Everyone is doing it publicly and sometimes you wonder if they really came to school or came to a summer camp. I’m not even saying it’s a bad thing to do but here in the university, everything is getting overdone. Like who taught you all these?

Aside from these ladies playing the Wife duties in order not to lose their stand, the guys are also seriously out there exhibiting their husband skills end executing their roles accordingly. Preparing themselves for visits here and there and getting their partners some presents whiles spraying them with some care and attention. A full time on its own indeed. Where most fathers literally failed, these young guys are flourishing and it’s funny because no one sent them.

It can be risky on the side of the guys compared to ladies as they do not just stand on the brink of dropping down the academic order but they also drain their finances. All these bolt rides from here to there and all those money getting spent is a headache especially if you aren’t from a much more financially stable background.

Sometimes it is peer pressure that gets people in such spots whiles others have been doing their thing even before coming to the university. For them, it feels normal and I can’t say the same for the other party. The adaptation process they go through is worth a good study time to up ones own grades but yeah it graciously gets wasted doing exactly what they didn’t come to do.

My little advice to all students out there is that, your body is the temple of God and as such must be kept with dignity. Secondly, the only treasure that can be left behind by parents is education. So as parents struggle to give off their best to you, make use of the opportunity and become an asset to them. What Are Relationships In The Ghanaian Universities Like?