Young Guy Spotted Making A Phone Call On Top Of A Moving Vehicle

White men do some weird and brave things such as walking on a rope, jumping off storey buildings, jumping off aeroplanes etc, Africans too have our way of showing the world how brave we are as this young guy was sitting on a moving commercial car making a call.

In an eye witness statement, this guy made the phone call for more than 30 minutes while sitting on a car that was moving at at least 70 km/h without holding unto anything. This happened on the Tamale to Yendi road in Northern Region, Ghana.

This is not really a new thing for Ghanaians and Africans as it mostly happens in the rural areas across Africa. But our problem is this particular car doesn’t look strong and he was sitting on top of it holding unto nothing whiles making a phone call.

In the picture, you could notice that he totally forget he is sitting on a moving car as he was focused on the phone call. But was it so important to make a phone call at that moment? Well.. maybe his girlfriend called and he couldn’t reject it as they say ‘love is blind’.

Check out the picture below below;

Source: Facebook