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3 ways to overcome your fear of mathematics

3 ways to overcome your fear of mathematics. It is a known fact that mathematics is not enjoyed by everyone. Out of every 10 students, 8 will hate mathematics. People develop “math phobia” right from childhood because they see it as challenging and involves a lot of thinking. It affects their mindset and changes the view they have about themselves and even their self-esteem. So the fear of math has to do with the mindset people have. Having the belief that you can never understand mathematics is the first step to failing at mathematics. This problem is not only present in Ghana, but worldwide.

So if you have fear of mathematics, how do you overcome that fear and tackle it confidently? Adopt these suggestions:

1.Change your mindset

Mindset is a habitual way of thinking. When you have a constant notion about a thing for a long time, it becomes true in your eyes with time. It is not true that people are born with brains suited for mathematics. So the first step at alleviating the fear of math is to believe that you are capable of understanding and solving mathematics. It will provide a starting motivation to gear you towards success.

2.Don’t stereotype

Most often, females think males are designed to perform well at mathematics than them. It is not true. Everyone can become good at math through practice and study. Even your teachers don’t know everything in mathematics. There are great female mathematicians who are contributing significantly to the development of the world. How did they get there, there didn’t stereotype but worked hard. You can too!

3.Take your time

Studying mathematics is not magic. Don’t expect to understand everything you study on the first try. People get discouraged when they are not able to understand a topic on their attempt. It is important to take your time. Monitor the rate at which you are able to absorb the material and the amount of information you can understand in one sitting. Once you find out, you study based on your findings. Solving a mathematics problem fast doesn’t mean you are a math ‘shark’. You can even make mistakes. So take your time.

4.Practice constantly: “Practice makes perfect “has proven to be effective over the years. Doing something over and over again releases a hormone called dopamine and makes you feel good. So as you study mathematics and solve questions always, you will get used to it and do it with ease. Once you start studying, you should be able to approach your classmates or teachers to help you where you are struggling.