How to win scholarships easily

How to win scholarships easily. What is a scholarship? Oxford dictionary defines it as: “a grant or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded based on academic achievement.” Scholarships, as we know it is intended for the poor but needy. Scholarships used to be easy to come by in the past but are becoming rarer by the day. This is due to the corrupt nature of those in charge of allotting them. The less deserving ones are ruminated over those who are really in need. So then, how do you win a scholarship based on your merits? Let’s look at some suggestions.

Surf the internet for opportunities frequently, visit the web and social media to hunt for scholarship opportunities. Several websites provide links to available scholarships in other countries or country. An example is the Ghana scholarship secretariat website.

1.Visit the website of schools

Some schools post scholarship opportunities on their websites for potential students. Who knows, you might chance on one.


2.Be honest when applying


When you are fortunate to find the scholarship of your dreams, be honest. All the questions in the application are there for a reason


3.Endeavor to meet all requirements

Every scholarship program has the requirements it expects the applicants to meet. The requirements can be high school results, transcript, letter of undertaking from your housemaster and some even go as far as to apply certain age limits. So before you apply, ensure you are eligible before applying.


4.Understand how they select their beneficiaries

Some institutions that provide scholarships also include the basis on which the winners will be selected. So be sure to check them out to make sure are doing the right thing. If possible, contact past beneficiaries and let them guide you through the application process.


5.Give your best interview yet

Supposing you have been short-listed for the scholarship. The only thing between you and the scholarship is an interview. Before the interview, search and master potential questions, and on the day, dress formally. Speak confidently and convincingly yet truthfully.

These simple suggestions can land you your dream scholarship.

Prince Afram.