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Fearless NDC MP Isaac Adongo Sends A Bold Message To IMF Officials In Ghana.


Honorable Isaac Adongo sends a bold and a fearless message to the IMF officials who came to Ghana recently to dialogue with Government officials about financial Support. It is known that, the Economy of Ghana is currently under serious crisis and Ghanaians are struggling to survive under this current Government.

We can boldly mention some of the consequences of the hardship that Ghanaians are facing without looking back. A critical example is the ongoing strike from Teachers seeking for cost of living allowance. The Government need to provide fund to settle the issue with Teachers so that they can go back to class.

One of the solutions is for Government to seek for Bailout from IMF. Fearless NDC Isaac Adongo is of the view that, the IMF officials should open their eyes every wide when dealing with our Government officials so that, misappropriation of fund will not occur. Isaac Adongo is urging the IMF to review the Covid expenditure very well before accepting the proposal from Government.