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How Can You Render Apology To Your MP’s Without Reversing The Decision You Made – Yaa Titi Hints

Yaa Titi expressed her disappointment in the Speaker of Parliament Honorable Alban Bagbin for rendering a sincere apology to the house for some errors which were captured by the clerk in the register book. According to Alban Bagbin, he saw some of the NDC MP’s in parliament on 29th March 2022 but the clerk of the house marked them absent.

Reacting to this issue, Nana Yaa Titi is of the view that as long as the Speaker of Parliament has figured out some errors over what transpired in Parliament on that particular day, then the decision which was made by parliament on Tuesday 29th March 2022 should be reversed. It is very bad to render apology to the minority caucus and the entire house without reversing the decision which was arrived by the house.

” I have a problem with what Alban Bagbin said. Being sorry for errors committed by the clerk is a sign that things did not work well on that particular day. How can you render Apology to your MP’s without reversing the decision which led to the approval of the E-levy”. – Yaa Titi hints


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