How Did This Happen? – Reactions After A Ghanaian Lady’s Leg Got Stuck In A Gutter (+VIDEO)

A Ghanaian young lady probably between the ages of 20 and 25 years has been recorded on camera having her leg stuck in a gutter. One cannot tell how it happened but you can see that a lot of people have surrounded her trying to remove her leg from the metallic object placed on the gutter for people to walk on it.

As many Ghanaians are aware, the intervals the wielders normally leave in between this object are small. As a result of this, people who came around were wondering how the lady’s leg got inside it. Some people said that her legs are probably small and her skin is soft. This must be the reason why her leg was able to get inside that small hole.

According to the person who posted this video on social media, the lady was just returning to the house after work, and this sad incident happened to her. Some of the people who came around advised that they should put lubricant on her leg and pulled it out. They tried this method but still, the leg was not coming out. Anytime they try to pull the leg, the lady scream in pain.

The only option left for them is to call for a wielder so that he will come and cut the metallic object so that the lady’s leg can be removed.


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