How My Mother & Brother Died Because Of My Husband – Ghanaian Woman Makes A Sad Confession From UK.



A Ghanaian woman based in the United Kingdom has made a very sad confession. According to her, through the wickedness of her husband, she lost both her mother and brother to the icy hands of death. The woman took time to explain the whole story on Facebook to serve as an advise for all.

According her, she got married to her husband in Kumasi. Through the Grace of God, they gave birth to six beautiful girls. At a point in time, life became so unbearable. At that moment, she struggled with the man.


During their struggle, the eldest brother of the woman’s husband staked an American lottery for him. God been so good he successfully won to travel to the United States of America. The problem was how to get money for his plane ticket and personal upkeep.


At this juncture, the woman travelled Accra and lied to her brother that they were being ejected from their rented apartment. Her brother gave her a huge amount of money to buy a new house in Kumasi. He instructed her to move with their aged mother into the new apartment. Immediately the woman arrived in Kumasi, she gave the whole money to her husband to process his visa. Few weeks later, he left the country for the United States of America.


Sadly, when the man arrived in the United States of America, he betrayed and forgot about his wife. He refused to pick her calls or chat with her. During that time, her brother arrived from Accra to inspect the new house which she was supposed to buy. After playing hide and seek for several months, she decided to speak the truth.

Immediately her brother heard that she gave the money to her husband to travel, he collapsed and died at the spot in Kumasi. As if that wasn’t enough, immediately her mother was informed about the death of her rich brother, she also collapsed. She was rushed to Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital where she also died.


After funeral rites, the name of the woman became a talk of the moment. That made her move to rent another single room where she cooked Banku for sale. This is because people were accusing her about the death of her brother and mother due to the direct and indirect action of her husband.

To make matters worse, her husband travelled back to Ghana to marry another woman whom he built a house for. When the newly married woman heard about the circumstance at which the first wife was treated, she left the man after he built her the house.

When the man heard that his new wife has left him, he started talking anyhow and was later diagnosed with mental problem ( madness).

Interestingly, one of the woman’s daughters got the opportunity to travel outside with her husband. Through her, all the other 5 siblings travelled abroad. Currently, the woman is in the United Kingdom with one of her children.


The woman advised all her viewers to learn something from her real life story. They should never give up because God will fight all their battles for them.

You can click on the link below to watch the woman as she spoke on Facebook live

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