“Hey fam!! Got some updates for y’all. Some bad news, some good,” he wrote. “I have to push INSANO back til January. I want to make sure that everything lines up and I give y’all the best version of myself.

“This album is amazing and I want to make sure I present it in the best way for y’all. That’s the bad news. I still plan on releasing the next single soon so don’t even worry about that.”

He continued: “The good news is, since I’m doin this and I know you all are [fiending] to get a listen of the album, I’m releasing 2 new jams from INSANO [tonight] on soundcloud. Just for you. (And I promise I won’t take them down).

“These songs are some of my favorites on the album and I really think you’ll dig em. I’m sorry for the delay everybody but I’m a perfectionist. And things gotta be right. I love y’all!!! Enjoy!”