Reasons Why KNUST Should Vacate And Hold Exams Online

Reasons Why KNUST Should Vacate And Hold Exams Online. Following the news that UTAG have finally given the nod on calling off their 3 weeks strike and resuming their academic activities as they enter a one month negotiations with the government to implement the terms the government assured them.

Whiles most Universities will be resuming their academic activities from where they left off, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology will likely be facing an alternative outcome as the academic calender the school drafted for the semester is officially over with the students identification card of the final year students even expiring without having the chance to sit for the end of the semester exams due to the strike.

With everything about to return to normal, the state of affairs at knust is still unknown as students wait with most already at home. Despite everything pointing to an extended academic calender, there are a lot of solid reasons to vacate and hold the examinations online. Here are some of the most solid among the many to aid the academic board on their considerations.

I believe this being a Science and Technology Institution,the school by putting in measures can mitigate any malicious activities pertaining to the conduct of their ONLINE Exams.The excuse of students cheating, shouldn’t be used as a measure to rule out the possibility

A careful look at the economic disadvantages associated with a prolonged stay here on campus for the many students have must be considered.Imagine a person who has a well thought out vacation where he’s going work to earn some money to be able to cater for next semester must be considered too.

Staying on campus for many will be a problem due to financial challenges it may pose.I wouldn’t like to appear biased towards us going home but can anyone help me with the advantages of staying here longer

What about the international students who have planned their booked flights outside the country?
What’s the plan for them?
Again someone should please tell me the advantages of staying here any longer. Reasons Why KNUST Should Vacate And Hold Exams Online.