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[Video] Diana Asamoah Goes Deep Into Anita And Adinkra Pie CEO Barima Divorce Rumours


According to a report that spread on the internet yesterday concerning Anita Boakye and Adinkra Pie CEO Barimah Osei Mensah divorce has not ended yet. Most Ghanaians shared their views on why the couples couldn’t hold up to their vows.

Later in the news, her husband came out to react to the rumor and reveals all that the bloggers are saying is not true, so nobody should buy it. Though some people believe it is true but the husband just wants to cover up.

Alright, let’s find out if it is true or not from this article. Evangelist Diana Asamoah who stands in as their counselor speaking today has cleared the air about the rumor concerning their marriage. According to Diana, she couldn’t sleep yesterday because of the calls that well coming. Everybody wanted to find out if it was true the couple have separated.

The answer is no there are still together and the couples were even surprised about the news because they don’t know the person who is seeking their break-up. They are telling Ghanaians that they are still holding their faith. God will forever be their part of their life so no weapon formed against them shall prosper.


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