A Woman Shares Her Sad Story About What She Has Gone Through After Her Husband Died

A mother of two called Auntie Ama from Bekwai has opened up about her life experiences after the death of her husband. According to the woman, her husband who works to provide everything for the family fell sick after she got pregnant with their second child. Life became difficult for them, One month after she gave birth.

The woman went to the sell water on the roadside with her baby. But nobody bought her water because she was breastfeeding. A certain woman who also sells at the same place used to give her GHC10 to buy food and feed her family on daily basis. Auntie Ama said her husband died when her child was one year old. Life was not easy for them, getting food became so difficult for them.

One day a man staying in their neighbourhood gave her GHC150 to start up a business with it. The woman started selling onions at the market with the money. A few months later, her friend too was facing the same life challenges, she decided to help her, she got two bags of onions from one of the market women and promised to pay back after they finished selling it.

The woman gave them to her friend to sell them and told her to pay the money back after all the onions get finished. Unfortunately, her friend sold the onions but she spent all the money without paying for it. The owner of the onions decided to arrest Auntie Ama if she does not pay for the two bags of onions she took from her. The woman was not having any other option than to give her the money she has been using in her onion business.

She was not able to go back to the market to sell again, Auntie again said she started having difficulty in feeding her children after this incident. She used to wash her neighbours clothes to earn money and use it to feed her children. She was not able to pay for her rent too so she moved out with her two children and went to stay in an uncompleted building. Auntie Ama also said although she is facing life difficulties but she knows that everything will be well for them.