From Ghana to America, Dj Switch Fully Grown in U.S. check her pictures out.

DJ Switch, the youngest successful Ghanaian DJ who won talented kids some years back has fully transformed into a perfect woman. Fame and stardom comes with its responsibilities and the young kid has been able to handle it well with the guidance of her mother who happens to be her manager. DJ switch has headlined most of the major shows in the country and even outside the country. She’s has played for the U.N and Bill gate. In Ghana She headlined an edition of the Ghana meets Naija concert. She is currently living in America after few years of displaying her talent as a Dj around the world. Let’s check out some pictures form the young champ.

Indeed there are a lot of Talents in Ghana what is left is for the government to set up a proper and structured education system to identify these talents. DJ switch was able to buy her mum a car at her age. She is very brilliant as well aside her DJ craft.