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Bawumia Must Stay In His Corner; He Should Not Attempt To Speak- Leading NPP Member Speaks


A leading member of the New Patriotic Party, Francis Addai Nimo, who is also an NPP Presidential aspirant, has sent a message to the Office of the President concerning the recent IMF brouhaha. After the government initiated the engagements with the IMF, Ghanaians called on the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to break his silence on this issue. Many Ghanaians have called on Bawumia to go back to his previous elements and hold lectures on the IMF.


In reaction to that, Francis Addai Nimoh has stated emphatically that the Vice President must remain in his corner and be silent. He was of the view that it is the President who must man up and address the nation, not the Vice President.

“I think it is high time the resident address the nation just like he did during the periods of the COVID pandemic. At this point, he must reassure Ghanaians about his commitment to see through the IMF program which he has initiated to bring the nation back to prosperity. It should be him and not his Vice President nor any minister who speaks. It must be the President. He must be bold to speak.”