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Ghanaians Respond to John Mahama’s Promise to Cancel E-Levy

The former presenter of Ghana His excellency John Dramani Mahama had a press statement yesterday titled Cross Road. Among the numerous things he said one of his statements which has got many talking has got to do with that of the E-Levy, According to him The NPP government is overburdening Ghanaians with tax whiles they haven’t provided any jobs for the citizens. He further stated that When he and his party is voted into party come December 2024, He is going to cancel the E-Levy tax to take the burden off the Ghanaian citizens.

Now this statement has generated a lot of conversations on social media and even in homes and offices. Some section of Ghanaians believe it’s just a mere talk and the NDC just want to score political point with this promise. Other people also believe John Dramani Mahama and his party will surely abolish the E-Levy if voted into power. Let’s read some reactions from Ghanaians who said they were not going to vote for him despite this promise.