Time With Man’O EP 1

Time With Man’O EP 1. As I sit here thinking about my life , I realised that there’s been a lot of times where I have made wrong choices , choosing wrong people and letting what they did get to me , plus i also focused on what didn’t mattered or what held no substance, focusing on what somebody says to you won’t help you understand the real intentions, focusing on their actions is what helps you .

I didn’t know this , I had to pay the hard price before I learnt this valuable lesson , before I began writing this article I was listening to a song and in the song the guy said “I fell in to your river and that’s where you told me lies “ it made sense because the person didn’t force you into their river you fell into their river they told you lies and you had two options believe these lies or move pass them but he believed in the lies , that’s how it is in real life whoever that comes into our lives has access to us because we allowed it , if they tell lies to get us to lower our guards well even though it’s not the right move if we believe in the lies and get hurt because of it , it’s all our fault , at the end of the song the guy said “I will find a way out and I won’t even tell you why “ it’s up to us to push such toxic people away from our lives ,yes it’s never right for them to tell us lies or for them to disrespect the chance we’ve given them , but if you are given something out and it’s not taken or valued you should give it elsewhere , some place that it will be taken or valued , you can’t blame people for sucking the live out of you when you are the one giving them the straw . Nice guys win in the end , nice guys never finish last cause no matter the trash people throw at you for being a nice guy , they still need a nice guy we are living in a world where people refuse to be nice .